Music Central Overview


Music Central was created for the multi-site club chains around the world. To give a single user in the club chain the ability to: update the music in all locations and create generic playlists that also updates all locations. 



CA Coding is not responsible for the music stored on our server. We accept no copyright infringements, we do not sell nor give stored files away. It is purely used as storage space for the clubs directly.


Windows Compatible

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11.


Here at CA Coding we have simplicity at the forefront of our minds. All the user has to do is:


  • Create folders on their computer
  • Copy music file (mp3, m4a, wma and so on) in the folder
  • In Settings > Folders Tab > add new Folders
    (If a playlist is linked to the folder, all files in that folder will)




The Environment Explained





What it does


Information tab

Shows a list of stats for tracks, playlist, music folder etc.


Events tab

Show a list of events that's happened whilst Music Central has been open, together with progress of new files being uploaded to the server.



# Folders: how many folders have been added in options. Learn more >>

# Playlists: shows the number of playlists linked to folders

# Music Files: shows a count of all tracks contained within all the folders selected

# Total File Size: the total size of all files in all folders

Last Sync: a date/time of the last time all files and playlists were sync'd to the server


Sync Now

Press this to upload all new tracks added to the local folders and modified/new playlists to the server. Learn more >>


Track Editor


  • Track tag information

  • Order of tracks to play in each playlist

  • Set cue points of where to start and end the track

Learn more >>



Hides Music Central to the task bar


Settings icon

Quick menu button:

  • Settings         Learn more >>

  • Hide

  • Help Manual

  • Quit Music Central