Account Name

The account name is provided and setup by the administration staff at CA Coding.


Setting up a new folder link (with playlist)

Setting up a new folder links to a local folder on the Desktop or the like. To each folder you can set a playlist - the playlist with then be made up of all the tracks inthat specific folder. Please note: you can duplicate tracks in each folder if you want the same track in a different playlist.


For example you may have a folder for Afternoon Music and link to a playlist called Afternoon Playlist. Music Central will then upload all the tracks within the Afternoon folder and create a playlist called Afternoon Playlist on all clubs CoverJock systems. 


  1. Click on the settings icon in the top right hand corner on the main screen
  2. Select Settings





This tool is not to be used for a full library of music, instead to keep the music up-to-date with new tracks added periodically. Depending on the level of subscription depends on the disk size allocated to each chain. 


Please note: Music Central is not designed to update video files as the file sizes are too large.


  1. Select Folders tab
  2. Press the Add new button to add a new folder and enter a playlist name (optional)


Setting up a new folder link (with playlist)

  1. Select Folder tab in the Setting dialog window
  2. Press Remove button to removes the folder link
    Please note: this clears the track information from the user's machine but leaves the track on the server. If a playlist is attached, this removes the playlist from the server.