Sync Process

When running the sync process all tracks need to be loaded into Music Central. There is a lot of hidden of information you do not see such as album artwork, normalizer values and BPM speed - these are all loaded in the background.


Before the tracks can be uploaded to the server, the main track information needs to be loaded and then the tracks, artwork, playlists are uploaded ready for all the clubs in the chain to download to CoverJock and update when they are next switched on.


When the clubs start up CoverJock each club checks the server for any new track and/or new/modified playlists. Each computer downloads these accordingly. Please note: if any playlists have been modified they are replaced on each computer so the new/removed/reorganized tracks are up-to-date.



Press the Sync Now Button




The process runs showing a progress of how the uploading is going. The time it takes to upload tracks, artwork and playlists all depending on the speed of the internet at the location.


This process can be left in the background.