Dancers Profile

The dancers profile can be opened by double clicking on the dancer in the rotation, or when adding a dancer click on the VIEW DANCERS NOTES button.

Profile Explained

Session Notes tab

Type in this box any relevant notes relating to that dancer.


Music List tab

Pure text list of any thing to do with the dancers music choice.


Activities tab

Shows a list of activities during the current session of that dancer.


Tip Tracker tab

Use the tip tracking tab to record all tips due to the DJ during that session or previous sessions. This can indicate what is owed at any given time.


  1. Add Tip button
    • Enter an amount of the tip i.e. $15.00
    • A system message appears asking Paid Tip: Has this tip been paid?, select Yes or No
  2. Pay Tip button
    • Once paid, select the tip and press this button
  3. Set Value button - this simply allows you to amend a tip value
  4. Delete Tip button - deletes a selected tip
  5. List of sessions - select a session will show the list of tips allocated during that session.


IOU Checker

Shows a list of all current tips or IOUs. Pressing on the View Dancer Tip shows the dancer profile and defaults to the Tip Tracker tab.