Once CoverJock has been purchased a Club ID will be emailed to you with a link to download CoverJock as well as some helpful links. From the email click on the link and download the latest version of CoverJock.


Locate the installation file call CoverJock_Setup.exe - this will be located in the Downloads directory or to what ever path was selected during the download.


Run CoverJock_Setup.exe and follow the next 2 steps.


Installing CoverJock


Step 1

Click next on the welcome screen


Step 2

Finally, click next to complete the installation


Must install additional driver pack AccessDatabaseEngine.exe for report component.



If using finger print scanner (Hamster Plus), must install additional driver pack :


  1. Plug in Scanner
  2. Install SecuGen DriverInstall ver 7.1 (32 Bit or 64 Bit) - only Windows 11 or less
  3. Install x FDx SDK Pro for Windows v3.54 - all Windows
  4. Must install Signature Pad software even for manual signature