Setup Remote Control

Remote control your main CoverJock computer with Teamviewer using a LAN connection. Having the ability to have remote access to the main machine can be vital, be anywhere in the club and answer stage calls or put dancers off on private dancers. If on the other hand you have a marker, hand the remote control unit to them and they can walk around marking dances.


If the club would like the CoverJock team to setup the Teamviewer for you, there is a setup charge. Please email to learn more.



Teamviewer is capable of running on Mac, iPads, Android and Surface tablets as well as Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. To download Teamviewer on the remote go to the Apple store (iPad), Google Play store (Android) or click here to download on Windows.


CoverJock PC Teamviewer setup

Step 1

On the main CoverJock machine download Teamviewer full version.


Click here to Download Teamviewer >>


1. Run the installation

2. Select Install and set unattended access to this device

3. Press Accept - next



Step 2

After installation go to the menu Extras > Options.


Within the General section set the option Incoming LAN connections to accept. This allows connection be accepted within your own local network.




To setup a separate password for Teamviewer go to Extras > Options > Security > Manage additional Passwords. In that window click the Add button, type in the identifier as a description for the new password i.e. Remote Password. Enter the new password in the password and confirm password boxes then press Add. You can now use this password to get on with the remote control.


Remote Teamviewer setup

Step 1

Select below the download to your device, alternatively on the remote unit (Mac, iPad, Android, Surface or Windows) download the Teamviewer App.

Windows 8 App

Download here >>  

iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Download here >>

Android devices

Download here >>



Step 2

Find the IP address of the CoverJock machine in Network Sharing Centre and type it in the box as illustrated in the image to the right. Then simply click Remote Control.


Teamviewer will then prompt for a password, enter this in and you will gain access to the CoverJock PC.


See note below to add additional password.




As well as using the IP address of the CoverJock machine you can also use the computer name instead.


If you decide to use the Teamviewer ID this requires a Teamviewer license, if you don't have a license you will only be allowed 10 minutes of remote access then be kicked off for a period of time. Using the IP address or computer name does not require a license.