Track Editor

Once all the folders and playlists have been setup in option (learn more >>) and files have been added to each folder you can use the Track Editor function to:


  • Edit Track tag information
  • Reorder tracks to play in each playlist
  • Set cue points of where to start and end the track


Loading all new tracks

Before you can edit the list of files all the track information needs to be loaded into Music Central (see image below). Please note: this process can take some time as it loads the tag information, album artwork, BPM of each track and calculates the normalizing values to either increase or decrease the volume of quiet or loud tracks.




Track Editor Explained





What it does


Menu buttons

  • Move selected track to top

  • Move selected track up the list

  • Move selected track down the list

  • Move selected track to bottom

  • Shuffle tracks

  • Play selected in Windows Media Player

  • Edit selected track tag information

  • Open selected folder where the track is held

  • Remove track



Lists all playlists linked to folder. Select a playlist and it shows all tracks within that folder.


Shows/hide track panel

Shows and hides the track tag information editor panel


Tag Information

  • Title

  • Artist

  • Album

  • Genre

  • Year


Cue Points

Set the start and end point of where to start playing the track from or end in a specified position. This function is useful to remove quiet intros or outros to tracks.