Editing Staff

Want to edit an existing dancer within BoothPoint? Here's how:


  1. Open the back office, then tap or click on the Staff tab.

  2. On the left, tap or click the search box to search for a staff member.
    (The search facility includes club reference, full name, stage name, email and mobile no in the criteria)

  3. To edit the staff member either double tap, double click or alternatively press the Return key.
    (This opens the staff member's profile card ready to change)

  4. To take store an image of the staff member, tap or click the Take Picture button.
    (To import a picture instead, tap or click the Import Picture button)

  5. For the dance to sign or resign the contracts, tap or click on the Contracts tab.

  6. Tap or click the Sign Contract button above the contract



To sign the contract, the staff member needs to read the document and scroll all the way to bottom. Once at the bottom a button appears in the bottom left, tap or click Sign Contract button. Depending on what variables have been added to the document depends on what signature, print or date is required.