Emailing Staff

Want to email a single staff member or a group of staff members? Here's how:



Send an email to an individual staff members

  1. Open the back office, then tap or click on the Staff tab.

  2. On the left, tap or click the search box to search for a staff member.
    (The search facility includes club reference, full name, email and mobile no in the criteria)

  3. To edit the staff member either double tap, double click or alternatively press the Return key.
    (This opens the dancer profile card ready to change)

  4. Under Contact Details is the dancer's email address, to the right is the Email button - tap or click this button.

  5. The email dialog box will appear with the email addresses of the dancers already loaded in the To: field.

  6. Add email addresses to the Cc field (carbon copy). Start typing the name and an auto complete list box will appear for you to select.

  7. Type in your subject in the Subject field.

  8. In the message type what ever you want as the email body.

  9. Tap or click Send.



The email addresses in memory are separated by a standard semi colon (;). Most email application use this delimiter to separate email addresses.



  1. To add multiple email addresses in To, Cc or Bcc separate the email addresses with a semi colon (;).

  2. You can delete an email address, tap or click the X to the right of the name.

  3. Change or set the email senders information look at Options > About my Club.