Dancers Overview

Each of your entertainers will be digitally registered to the BoothPoint system. The specially designed profile will store all of the information that your business requires, this includes: signed contracts, required identification, dancers sales reports and up to date clocking in history.



Dancer Fields


Field Name

What it does


Dancer ID

This is an automatically generated field.

Default: Auto Generated

Club Reference

The club reference is either automatically generated or manually entered. In Options > About my Club there are additional settings to generate the club reference.

Default: Company Prefix + 0000 + Dancer ID

Full Name

Enter in the dancers full name.



Enter in the dancers address.


Zip Code/Post Code

Enter in the dancers zip code.


Date of Birth

Enter the dancer's date of birth. Note the dancer's age is indicated on the right. If under the age limit, the label turns red and does not allow the record to be saved. See Options > Club Settings for more information.


Start Date

Set this date to when the dancer has started working for the club.

Default: Today's Date

End Date

Set this date to when the dancer finished working for the club or is finishing.



Select what nationality the dancer is. Note on the right is an indication to whether or not the dancer is from an EU country. In the UK, additional I.D. can be required depending on if their nationality is from outside the EU.

Default: Current Nationality

Dancer Active

Un-tick this box to set the dancer as in-active then save.

Default: Yes

Data Confirmed

In Options > About my Club there is an additional setting to Confirm Dancer/Staff Data Records. This is used primarily for a chain of clubs who want to make sure the dancers, new staff etc profiles have been filled in correctly and completely.

Default: No

Home No

Enter the staff members' home telephone number.


Cell No/Mobile No

Enter the dancer's cell number. Note to the right of the cell number is SMS button. Tap or click this send the staff member a text message. See Send an SMS Message for more information.



Enter the dancer's email address. Note to the right of the email is Email button. Tap or click this send the dancer an email from the club. See Emailing Dancers for more information.


Next of Kin (Full Name)

Enter the dancer's next of kin's full name.


Next of Kin (Relationship)

Enter the dancer's relationship to their next of kin.


Next of Kin (Tel No)

Enter the dancer's next of kin's telephone number.


Next of Kin (Cell No/Mobile No)

Enter the dancer's next of kin's cell number.



Enter any notes relating to the dancer.


Available (Monday-Sunday)

Select which days the dancer is available to work by ticking the relevant tick boxes.


Social Security No/National Insurance Number

Enter in the staff members' social security number.


Passport No

Enter in the staff members' passport number.


Driving License No

Enter the dancer's driving license number.


License/Permit No.

Enter the dancer's license/permit number.


License Expiry Date

Select an expiry date (if applicable) and tick the box to active.


Please note: the dancer will not be able to check in if expired and a system message appears.


Drink Tokens

Displays how many drink tokens the dancer has on their account.


Please note: this is read only, to allocate drink tokens please click Issue Token(s) button.

Default: 0

Closing Balance

The closing balance the dancer owes to the club or the club owes the dancer.

Default: $0.00

Warning Message

Enter a warning message on the dancer. This message will pop up anytime the dancer is selected such as; clocking in/out and allocated to a booth.


Company Name

Enter dancer's company name here.


Is GST Registered

Check this tick box if GST

Default: No

Visa Type

Enter dancer's Visa type here if relevant.


Pay 100% House Fee

Check this to override the system option to ensure this dancer pays all of their house fee upfront. 

Default: No

Locker Key No

Enter locker key no if relevant.


Bank Name

Used for bank transfer information


Bank BSB

Used for bank transfer information


Bank Account No

Used for bank transfer information