Checking Out

Checking dancers out will show a detailed response to all movements via the BoothPoint system at the end of each session. Each individual dancer account will show total monies paid by dancer to the club and monies and/or commission owed to the club. Dancers accounts can be checked at any time by performing an X read and viewing a detailed print. A Z read will finalize the entertainers account for the end of session. Features of checking dancers out include: 


  • Detailed printed report of all transactions made;

  • Monies paid to dancer or to the venue are automatically calculated;

  • All club tenders are accounted;

  • Outstanding payments can be carried over to next session.



Check a Dancer Out

  1. Select the Check Out button.

  2. Select a clocked-in dancer from the list provided

  3. A prompt will appear asking Are you actually clocking off 'Ann' (Yes), or just checking her commission (No)?
    (Choosing no will allow you to check the dancers commission mid session without clocking her off)

  4. Enter the dancers Cash, Funny Money (dance chips) and Tipping Dollars into the clocking out form.

  5. In the summary list on the right shows TOTAL DUE, this is what is due to the dancer for her commission.

  6. Print a receipt for the dancer by pressing the Simple Print button or for a more detailed receipt showing every transaction, press the Detailed Print button.

  7. Tap or click the Check Dancer Out button.



If a dancer clocks out during a session then comes back later on in the evening, the system knows this and doesn't charge another house fee.