ePOS Overview

The ePos terminal is designed to take payments for services and monitor time in dance booths at the front of house. Unlimited ePos users can be added all of which are maintained from the back office BoothPoint. Users can clock staff and dancers onto the floor as well as take payments, allocate dance booths and issue or redeem club credit cards.


  • Range of permissions for all levels of user;

  • Individual terminal audit;

  • Printable terminal reports;

  • Automatic High Roller facility.



The Environment Explained

ePOS is split into three sections:



Section 1: Top ButtonsSection 1: Top Buttons



What it does

Check in

Check dancers in and take their house fees.


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Check out

Check dancers out and work out their commission for that session.


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Swipe Check

If using swipe card system this will prompt you about who's card it is whether it's staff, dancers or a club credit card.


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Cash Lift

Lift cash out of the till mid session to ensure only a limited amount of liable cash is in the cash drawer.


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Adjust Float

Change the float mid session.


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Issue Free Pass

Free passes can be issued as incentives for your dancers by means of a reduction in future house fees.


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Open the option screen with a huge amount of options to choose from.


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Closes BoothPoint Back Office


Section 2: TabsSection 2: Tabs



What it does

Booth Monitor

The Booth Monitor indicates who is in which booth and for how long. The booth flashes red if the dancer has gone over time and flashes yellow to indicate they are due to come out.


BoothPoint timetabling is an intuitive scheduling tool that will simplify and organize your club staffing system.


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Each of your entertainers are digitally registered to the BoothPoint system.


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Update and maintain all of your products and services available for sale from the front of house ePOS system.


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Personalized staff profiles are allocated to each of staff member, allowing you to set staff permissions, update their records and view or amend details instantly.


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The ePOS terminal is designed to take payments for services and monitor time in dance booths at the front of house. 


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Reports are an essential part of any software package and retrieving data out of it is vital.


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Section 3: Right Hand TabsSection 3: Right Hand Tabs



What it does

Dancers Checked-in

A list of all dancers who have checked in on their shift. Note double clicking on a dancer in the list will show the dancers X-Read.


A list of all terminals started on the shift. Note double clicking on a terminal in the list will show the terminal X-Read.

Product Sales

A list of products sold during the session, showing quantities sold and values sold. Useful to identify your best sellers or worst sellers.