X/Z Reads

Individual dancer X and Z reads can be performed to show all payments and services that have been audited via the BoothPoint system.


Terminal X reads can be performed at any stage throughout the session to show a breakdown of all sales and services on that terminal.


To close a terminal and to effectively end that current session a Z read will show a full and final read of all departmental sales on that terminal. The Back office terminal cannot be closed until all front of house terminals are closed. 



Running the ePOS X Read

The X-Read is identical to the Z-Read


  1. Tap or click the button Z-Read;

  2. Tap or click the Cancel button.


Running the back office Z Read

  1. Tap or click the button Z-Read.

  2. Count the notes, coins, funny money, tipping dollars and credit cards.

  3. Enter these totals into the payment lines under each of the tabs.
    (In the summary list on the right, Cash Difference, Credit Card Difference and Funny Money Difference should be at zero - green.)

  4. To print off a Z-Read Terminal receipt either tap or click on Simple Print or for a detailed report tap or click on Detailed Print.

  5. Tap or click the Close Terminal button.