High Roller

Buyer’s Remorse can be a costly problem for Gentlemen’s Clubs. Authorized bank transaction cancellations can occur if there is no evidence or procedure at the club that the said transaction ever took place. The High Roller feature is an automatic protection facility that is designed to guard against disputed premium card transactions.


A simple swipe from the customer’s payment card will quickly compile and produce a unique detailed High Roller receipt  that contains the customer’s card details, time and date of the transaction, who the dance was with and for how long. The printed receipt requires a signature of authorization from the customer and the BoothPoint operator. When the procedure is complete a further customer copy is issued.


The process will automatically start for transactions at a value set by the administrator. The whole procedure takes seconds to complete and saves time and money in a busy lap dancing venue. 


High Roller


  1. A message will appear showing the total value of the bill, the credit card charge value and the total value that will be taken from the card.

  2. Put the payment through the PDQ machine, if the payment is authorized tap or click the Yes button to continue.
    (If the payment isn't authorized, tap or click the No button and ask for different tender)

  3. A prompt appears asking to swipe the customer's credit card.
    (If the card doesn't swipe or a swipe reader isn't installed, press the Manual button)

  4. The High Roller form will show the customer's name, card no and expiry date.
    (Manually type these in if Manual button was pressed)

  5. Enter the last 3 digits of the Security Code (found on the rear of the card).

  6. Select the Card Type (Visa, Master Card, Amex, Debit, Solo, Switch, Delta or Maestro).

  7. Tap or click the Print (Club Copy) button.

  8. Tap or click the Print (Customer Copy) button.

  9. To complete the process tap or click the Apply button.

  10. If a Web Camera is setup, a screen will appear to take the customer's picture.

  11. If a Scanner is setup, a screen will appear to scan addition customer identification.



In Options > Club Settings you can set the High Roller Value, any transaction where the credit card value is greater than this setting will be defined as a high roller. Additional settings so the user must print club receipt and/or the customer receipt. Credit Card charge [percentage can be found here.


In Options > Local Devices if a Web Camera BoothPoint automatically asks to take the customer's picture, also if a Scanner is selected a prompt appears asking to scan additional I.D. such as driving license or passport (scanner).


An email can be sent to headquarters immediately after the High Roller process is complete. See Options > Club Settings for more information.



On cancel of the high roller form, the payment process is cancelled and the credit card value returns to zero.



No credit card information is stored within BoothPoint what so ever, at no time does BoothPoint record any card information during or after the high roller process.