Each BoothPoint terminal at the club can be designated a set of booths or all booths. If the terminal is set to only manage booths 1-10, then the only booths that terminal sees are booths 1-10. This is useful if you have a BoothPoint controlling certain zones within the club, therefore each BoothPoint is assigned its’ booths and will be less confusing.


Below is list of the options you will find in the booths:

Monitoring Booths


Within the Monitoring Booths section in options, you will see a list of all available booths. The first item in the list are All Booths, by ticking All Booths you are instructing that terminal to manage all booths. Alternatively you can tick the booths you want to manage.

BoothPoint Settings



What it does


Staff Can NOT Clock-in if They Have Not Signed Their Contracts

Set the number of private dances allowed at one time, a booth can be a room or an area where the dancer performs.

Default: 30


BoothPoint Monitor



What it does


Enable BoothPoint External Display

BoothPoint can be used on an external TV or monitor via a HDMI or VGA cable.

Off (default)

Select which monitor to use for video

Lists all available monitors (not including the primary monitor).





BoothPoint monitor only transmits to one display adapter. To have multiple monitors a multi switch box (HDMI or VGA) is required to send the signal from one connection to many.