How-To: ePOS

Get around the Back Office


The back office is a complete suite of tools and features that will simplify and organize how your venue is managed. From here all products, services, staff and dancer details can be updated and maintained. It is a comprehensive paperless office that will be the center of all administrative procedures.


Booth Management


Entertainers checking in to private dance booths do so via the BoothPoint operator. There are several ways that this can be done depending on the clubs preferred operation. Entertainers can swipe their personal BoothPoint card or use their fingerprints to check in to the booth area where the operator will then select a booth for the performance. The club can then require the entertainer to swipe out of the booth or check out using their fingerprint or alternatively allow the BoothPoint operator to manually clock out entertainers as they pass out of the booth.


  • Versatile marking system;

  • Take payment for dance at BoothPoint;

  • Alert if dances could have been performed over time;

  • Swap or add dancers in allocated booths.


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High Rollers


Buyer’s Remorse can be a costly problem for Gentlemen’s Clubs. Authorized bank transaction cancellations can occur if there is no evidence or procedure at the club that the said transaction ever took place. The High Roller feature is an automatic protection facility that is designed to guard against disputed premium card transactions.


A simple swipe from the customer’s payment card will quickly compile and produce a unique detailed High Roller receipt  that contains the customer’s card details, time and date of the transaction, who the dance was with and for how long. The printed receipt requires a signature of authorization from the customer and the BoothPoint operator. When the procedure is complete a further customer copy is issued.


The process will automatically start for transactions at a value set by the administrator. The whole procedure takes seconds to complete and saves time and money in a busy lap dancing venue. 

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Bar System


BoothPoint ePos can be dedicated to specific departments around the club. As a bar system BoothPoint will be responsible for all bar products and sales which are maintained from the back office. Bar sales can also be added to a single bill. For example a customer can pay for a dance service and bar product in the same transaction.


  • Simple bar product replenishment reports;

  • Add and amend new products;

  • Deactivate and discontinue products;

  • Set promotional costs.


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Door Entry


As a dedicated door entry system BoothPoint will manage your admission costs and other reception duties including site visits, front door refusals and associated incident reports. All administration can be handled at the back office. The reception module features include:


  • Club to club entry;

  • Group entry;

  • Computerised refusals and incident reports.


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Petty Cash


Depending on the set permissions and level of user the ePOS can also issue monies for petty cash. All payments are recorded and departmentalised for audit and administrative purposes.

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Issuing Fines


The ePOSterminal is designed to take payments for services and monitor time in dance booths at the front of house. Unlimited ePOSusers can be added all of which are maintained from the back office BoothPoint. Users can clock staff and dancers onto the floor as well as take payments, allocate dance booths and issue or redeem club credit cards.
Range of permissions for all levels of user;


  • Individual terminal audit;

  • Printable terminal reports;

  • Automatic High Roller facility.


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Swipe Check


Swipe checks apply to any BoothPoint card type issued from the BoothPoint system. Simply select the swipe card check function, swipe the card and the system will display information about the card type and to whom it belongs.


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Cash Lift


A feature to automatically alert the BoothPoint operator when cash needs removed from the terminal. Cash lift values are set by the administrator and will require the operator to enter the tender type and value.


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Adjust Float


Set tender values and required float at the start of each session. A float adjustment may be required during busy or key times. 


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Dancer Accounts


Dancer accounts show all monies due for the current session that has not yet been paid into the till. It can be accessed any time to show all monies paid or unpaid due to the house via dance products or services. If the dancer collects payment or makes intermittent payments via the BoothPoint terminal they can then settle the account at clocking out. 


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X/Z Reads


Individual dancer X and Z reads can be performed to show all payments and services that have been audited via the BoothPoint system.


Terminal X reads can be performed at any stage throughout the session to show a breakdown of all sales and services on that terminal.


To close a terminal and to effectively end that current session a Z read will show a full and final read of all departmental sales on that terminal. The Back office terminal cannot be closed until all front of house terminals are closed. 


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Club Credit Cards


Club credit cards are used as club tender. They can be used by customers who can pay to load cards with credit that can be used to buy products and services within the venue. They can be used to replace or in conjunction with dance vouchers or tipping dollars. They can be used as a combined account. 

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