How-To: Back Office 

Get around the Back Office


The back office is a complete suite of tools and features that will simplify and organize how your venue is managed. From here all products, services, staff and dancer details can be updated and maintained. It is a comprehensive paperless office that will be the center of all administrative procedures.


Booth Monitor


The BoothPoint monitor is an integrated live display panel that will indicate all movements between BoothPoint’s at the front of house ePOS units. As your dancers check into the club dance booths the numbered cells highlight to show the club booths or booth areas that are in use.


From the back office the Booth Monitor will also show who is occupying the dance booth, for how long and for what service – an intuitive tool that will show live information of your entertainer’s performances and whereabouts.


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BoothPoint timetabling is an intuitive scheduling tool that will simplify and organize your club staffing system. With printable functions and detailed costings, you will have complete control over allocated department spends and viewable accountability for attendance and punctuality.


  • Specific schedules for staff and dancers;

  • Unlimited future schedules;

  • Department spend totals and reporting;

  • Neat and user friendly.


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Each of your entertainers will be digitally registered to the BoothPoint system. The specially designed profile will store all of the information that your business requires, this includes: signed contracts, required identification, dancers sales reports and up to date clocking in history.


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Stay in control of your venue like never before. Update and maintain all of your products and services available for sale from the front of house Epos system. Set values, special offers and even bar products for sale then activate, deactivate or recycle if you wish to discontinue. You can view and amend all of your products from one handy list that helps you to stay on top.

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Personalized staff profiles are allocated to each of your staff members allowing you to set your staff permissions, update their records and view or amend details instantly. Add staff images. Send internal memos and view clocking history all in one place.

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The ePOS terminal is designed to take payments for services and monitor time in dance booths at the front of house. Unlimited ePOS users can be added all of which are maintained from the back office BoothPoint. Users can clock staff and dancers onto the floor as well as take payments, allocate dance booths and issue or redeem club credit cards.


  • Range of permissions for all levels of user;

  • Individual terminal audit;

  • Printable terminal reports;

  • Automatic High Roller facility.


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Reports are an essential part of any software package and retrieving data out of it is vital. As such, BoothPoint offers a wide range of reports split into categories. Each report can have a specific selection criteria so to only show relevant data such as dancer name(s), staff name(s), zid and so forth.


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